Benefits of Massage


A massage will often reveal that you are holding tensions in parts of your body, or that certain muscles are sore – things you are often too busy (or to used to) to notice in your everyday life.

Your body contains over 600 muscles (642 in most cases, to be exact).  Each is attached at either end to two different bones, and each is enervated by a nerve which causes it to contract and produce movement.   Postural imbalances and repetitive motion can cause some muscles to be tighter or stronger, and others to be weaker or overstretched — all sources of pain.  Strain on tendons, tight joints and nerve pain are all fundamentally muscular issues as well.  And when you add in fascia – a connective tissue that surrounds muscles and nerves, and should be gel-like and supple but often becomes tight and more solid – the possibilities for lack of mobility and pain increase.

Studies show as much as 70% or MORE of all pain is muscular in nature.  But what’s often not reported is that much of that pain can be successfully treated with massage, and the consequent body awareness that results from regular treatment.